God’s Ear – RIBOCA 1

Shindrek’s Channel proudly presents: God’s Ear, a discussion round with Šelda Puķīte, Valts Miķelsons and Kirill Kobrin in the role of the fancy guest about the Riga International Contemporary Art Biennial RIBOCA’s 1st exhibition “Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More”.
The discussion is hosted by Indrek Grigor.

Both Šelda Puķīte and Indrek Grigor have been accused of focusing their articles about the new biennial in Riga on the institution rather than the exhibition. To address this shortcoming, Puķīte and Grigor gathered Valts Miķelsons and invited Kirill Kobrin to take a closer look at RIBOCA’s display.

The discussion was recorded in mid August.
Special thanks to Hanna Samoson!